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CES 2017

The Ultrahaptics Team is very excited to be exhibiting on the main show floor at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas from January 5th – 8th 2017. You will find us in the Sands Convention Center at booth 41136

Ultrahaptics introduces haptic feedback to day-to-day tasks ranging from Home appliances, through Industrial and Automotive applications. Use cases presented on the show floor at CES show a small insight of the enormous potential Ultrahaptics technology is introducing to product designers and developers alike.

Edit your own sensations

At the show, you will be able to create your own unique haptic sensations using our Sensation Editor software. Want to create a virtual button that pulses on your hand 3 times? You can do that. Want to make it faster, slower, static or track your hand? You can do that with a simple slider. Come and experiment for yourself at booth #41136 in the Sands Convention Center.

Home appliances

Ultrahaptics’ Cooktop creates feedback in two distinct interactive zones. Situated between the user and the cooking surfaces, Ultrahaptics technology creates a warning sensation that indicates to the user the presence of a hot surface before getting in contact with it. On the side of the cooking surface, an interactive zone provides sensations to complement the selection and level setting of the hot plates by gesture control.

Hygenic, secure, industrial controls

Ultrahaptics’ ATM allows users to successfully provide sequential instructions to a machine. Each digit of the pin code and the selection of the amount to withdraw is communicated by the user through gesture control, the machine returns haptic feedback as an acknowledgement. By performing this task in mid-air, the user protects himself/herself from the look of other people around them.

Ultrahaptics’ Elevator demonstrates how complementing gesture tracking brings hygiene where compromises had to be made before. The user swipes his/her hand up and down to navigate through floors and tap to select a destination. Haptic feedback is provided and adjusted in real time to create the most intuitive experience whilst interacting with the device.

Car infotainment

Ultrahaptics’ Car Dashboard illustrates how mid-air feedback targets non-safety critical application in the cockpit. The user swipes their hand left or right to select a mode – music level or fan speed – and receives localised feedback on the side of the hand. To adjust the level, the hand rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise and a small notch is felt between each increment.

Come and see us in Vegas to talk about your application and try mid-air haptics for yourself!


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