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Virtual reality meets mid-air haptics in exciting immersive experience new to ImmotionVR at Cabot Circus

Bristol – 19 February, 2019. Ultrahaptics and Fallen Planet Studios have today announced the installation of a haptified virtual reality (VR) experience at ImmotionVR’s experience centre in Cabot Circus, Bristol. ImmotionVR, the UK’s largest group of VR experience centers, will showcase this new immersive  event until the end of February 2019.

The experience in Bristol, AFFECTED: The Visit, is a collaboration between Ultrahaptics, the world leader in harnessing ultrasound to create a sense of touch in mid air, independent game development studio Fallen Planet Studios and ImmotionVR.  It demonstrates a new level of immersive entertainment by bringing haptic feedback to the horror genre in a specially adapted version of Fallen Planet Studio’s hit VR game AFFECTED: The Manor.

AFFECTED The Visit ImmotionVR, Ultrahaptics, Fallen Planet Studios

Users enter a virtual haunted house and experience a number of surprising events that have been augmented with mid air haptic sensations. The experience has been previously shown at trade shows in the USA such as the IAAPA Attractions Expo and CES, but this will be the first time that the UK public will be able to experience it first hand.

In a collaboration between the three UK-based companies, the VR experience uses content, capabilities and technology owned and developed by each party. Members of the public will have the opportunity to try the experience at ImmotionVR’s experience centre.

Tom Carter, CTO and Co-Founder of Ultrahaptics spoke of the partnership: “Audiences have really loved AFFECTED: The Visit, but we have only been able to share it with the US so far. This collaboration provides an opportunity to showcase UK companies and what they have to offer the growing virtual reality market. We can’t wait to share it with our home audience.”

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Ultrahaptics and ImmotionVR on this exciting new installation,” said Alex Moretti, CEO of Fallen Planet Studios. “Immersion is key to the VR experiences that Fallen Planet Studios creates, by implementing Ultrahaptics’ mid-air technology we are able to deepen that level of immersion to new levels, without saddling the user with additional hardware for them to navigate. This combines to create a compelling out-of-home experience that really has to be felt to be believed. To be unveiling this installation in partnership with the ImmotionVR brand, is a testament to the quality of their arcades and highlights the UK’s fast growing interest in location-based VR.”

Arek Antoniak, Head of Retail Operations at ImmotionVR, said, “ImmotionVR sits at the very heart of VR innovation and customer experience. This collaboration with Ultrahaptics and Fallen Planet Studios very much follows our ethos of ‘daring to imagine’, and we can’t wait to bring this exciting development to the people of Bristol.”


About Ultrahaptics:

Ultrahaptics is the world’s leading mid-air haptics company. The company has developed a unique technology that enables users to receive tactile feedback without needing to wear or touch anything. The technology uses ultrasound to project sensations through the air and directly onto the user’s hands, enabling users to ‘feel’ virtual buttons, get tactile feedback for mid-air gestures, or interact with virtual objects. For more information about Ultrahaptics, please visit:

About Fallen Planet Studios:

Fallen Planet Studios is an independent development studio with a primary focus on the creation of immersive games and experiences for Virtual Reality. Formed in 2013, Fallen Planet was one of the world’s first game development studios to focus solely on VR, now operating in both B2B and B2C markets. We aim to deliver higher levels of immersion by using tactile interfaces, interactive environments and the latest in VR development techniques. For more information about Fallen Planet Studios, please visit:

About Immotion VR:

ImmotionVR [the UK’s largest group of virtual reality (VR) experience centres] is the customer-facing solution of Immotion Group plc – a business that brings together world-class CGI experts, award-winning content creators, amazing storytellers and state-of-the-art motion platform technology to provide customers with immersive ‘out-of-home’ VR experiences.

ImmotionVR provides consistent, high-quality immersive experiences for guests in every location. With sites located across the country in high-footfall, centre-aisle positions, the Immotion VR brand stands out as a unique, low-cost activity for all ages. Recognised for its unique design and set-up and ever-changing experiences that keep guests returning to immerse themselves in new exciting virtual realities.

About Virtual Reality (VR):

VR is the greatest performance of illusion known to man. Understanding the science behind it takes nothing from the enjoyment of its magic. When you transport yourself into a digital world that you can physically interact with, the only limit to what can be done is your imagination.

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