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How to choose the right mid-air haptics product

Mid-air haptic technology is transforming interaction in everything from automotive to digital signage, from immersive experiences to user interfaces. Rob Blenkinsopp, VP Product, shares his cheat sheet for picking the right Ultrahaptics product for different applications.

Visual feedback ranges from the simple flashing of a warning light to a desktop interface to the immersive experience of a VR headset. It’s the same with haptic feedback. There’s a rich spectrum of ways it can be used.

Ultrahaptics’ technology can be used for everything from simple haptic alerts to creating a deep sense of presence in VR. Different Ultrahaptics products, however, are optimised for different applications. Read on to find out when best to choose STRATOS™ Explore, STRATOS™ Inspire or Touch.

STRATOS™ Explore: Flexible and scalable haptic development kit for integrated products

STRATOS™ Explore is a flexible, scalable haptic development kit for working with our new STRATOS™ platform.

The STRATOS™ platform is powered by patented algorithms that use a new spatiotemporal modulation technique to control ultrasound. This enables the creation of a wide range of high-quality haptic sensations, suitable for developing immersive experiences in AR/VR, gaming and marketing, and for interface applications where sophisticated haptic effects are needed.

If you’re working on an application where sophisticated haptic effects need to be integrated into a larger piece of hardware, STRATOS™ Explore is likely to be the best fit.

Touchless vehicle user interfaces

Automotive HMI is one example of an application where, typically, sophisticated haptics are integrated into a larger piece of hardware, and STRATOS™ Explore is likely to be the most suitable product.

STRATOS™ Inspire: Bolt-on solution for rapid public installation and evaluation of haptic technology

The STRATOS™ Inspire haptic module includes all the sophisticated STRATOS™ functionality found in the Explore development kit, but packaged up into robust, ready-to-go hardware.

Inspire is designed for quick and simple integration. The haptic module can be bolted on to existing hardware and is compliant to safety and electrical regulatory standards (CE, FCC, NRTL, PSE).

Inspire is best suited to applications where timely public installation of mid-air haptics is critical to successful product development, such as digital signage, location-based entertainment and kiosks.

Ultrahaptics interactive movie poster with haptics

Bolting the STRATOS™ Inspire haptic module onto existing digital signage hardware makes for quick and easy public installation and evaluation. 

Touch development kit: Simple haptic sensations for straightforward UI applications

Not all applications require the sophisticated haptics provided by the STRATOS™ platform.

The haptic sensations created by our first-generation Touch development kit are relatively basic but more than sufficient for simple effects such as haptic buttons, sliders and alerts.

If you’re integrating mid-air haptics into appliances, smart home, industrial or medical applications, Touch may well be sufficient for your needs.

Hand over haptic button hob

For developing controls and alerts in appliances and smart home applications, the simpler haptic sensations created by Touch may be all you need.

Need to know more about mid-air haptics?

Of course, this is only a top-level overview of our products. If you’d like to know more, check out the comparison table below, our products and programs pages or feel free to contact us at any time.

Rob Blenkinsopp is Ultrahaptics’ employee #1. As VP Product, he explores and develops new forms of interaction enabled by mid-air haptic technology. He can be contacted here.


Ultrahaptics product comparison table


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