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STRATOS | We’ve created a haptic synthesiser

Rob Blenkinsopp, VP Product, on how Ultrahaptics’ new platform STRATOS will give us the power to control haptic sensations in the same way that a music synthesiser controls audio.

Imagine that you’re sat at a state-of-the-art music synthesiser. Think of all the ways you can play around with sound at that synthesiser. Bend it, change it, remix it, combine it with other sounds. Mimic real-world sounds. Or create entirely new ones.

Now imagine that you could do the same thing with tactile sensations. Imagine you could select different types of haptic sensation, remix and combine them, dial them up or down and layer them on top of each other – and in doing so create rich, three-dimensional tactile experiences.


Imagine that you could play around with tactile sensations in the same way that a synthesizer allows you to play around with audio.

And not only that, but what if users could feel those tactile sensations in mid-air? Imagine haptics without the need for wearables or controllers.

That’s what Ultrahaptics’ advanced mid-air haptics platform STRATOS will give us all the power to do.

With STRATOS, you can create magical virtual touch experiences to complement VR and AR; develop revolutionary three-dimensional haptic interfaces; enable users to interact intuitively, without relying on vision and without having to touch surfaces.

STRATOS Explore box set

The STRATOS Explore Development Kit is the first product on our new STRATOS platform

Ultrahaptics started off as a brilliant idea – a vision of a different type of haptics that used ultrasound to create tactile sensations in mid-air. We’ve already collaborated with Harman and Bosch to create infotainment controls that drivers can operate without taking their eyes off the road; worked with gaming company IGT to create glasses-free 3D visuals you can touch; built an award-winning haptic augmented reality experience with Meta and Zerolight.

And this is just the beginning. STRATOS is a step-change in the level of sophistication and precision of our haptic technology, enabling innovators around the world to create the next generation of user interfaces and mixed-reality experiences.

We believe that in the near future, people will interact with holograms and virtual objects in a natural and intuitive way, and they will expect high-quality tactile experiences to be an essential part of this.

Tom’s Guide called our AR collaboration with Meta and Zerolight “a great step towards augmented reality’s ultimate maturation”.

The technical team at Ultrahaptics have developed precision control of ultrasound waves in a way that has never been done before (they’ve also picked up a few patents along the way). STRATOS is the result of their commitment, talent and vision.

STRATOS is also designed as an accessible, production-ready system, capable of accommodating multiple types of ultrasonic transducers, operating systems and tracking cameras, and many different applications, from precision interfaces to large, room-based haptic VR experiences.

The first product we’re launching on our STRATOS platform is the STRATOS Explore Development Kit. To find out more about this, and our other products and programs, click here or contact us We’d love to hear from you, and find out how we can work together to unlock the true potential of touch for your business.

Rob Blenkinsopp is Ultrahaptics’ employee #1. As VP Product, he explores and develops new forms of interaction enabled by mid-air haptic technology. 

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