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Haptics invade The Magic Castle for Halloween

The Magic Castle in Hollywood is one of the most exclusive clubhouses you will come across. Countless celebrities have visited and a who’s who of magicians have performed at the world-famous castle. Now for their best and biggest week of the year, Castle guests can experience a new type of magic with our mid-air haptics technology, as part of the Halloween Week special, INVASION!

With magic in every corner of the Magic Castle, how will you know what’s real and what’s a figment of your imagination?

Magic Castle Invasion logo

Magic Castle Halloween invasion

To celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, The Magic Castle has been transformed for the entire Halloween Week to handle this extraterrestrial alien assault. Deep below the century-old castle, the remaining humans (those who were not wiped out by the invasion) stage their last-ditch efforts to save the planet and repel the alien invaders.

Magic Castle Halloween - ultrahaptics Energy Chamber

To escape the aliens, valiant recruits are invited to join “The Resistance” and battle their way through a variety of exciting experiences and games. To power, the plasma cannons defending the Castle, guests in the Bunker must reach into the “Energy Chamber.” Using only their hands, they must gather invisible radioactive energy into balls of sizzling power. With our mid-air haptics solution, the guests actually see and feel the power as it builds, swirls and flows around their fingers. They then slide the growing balls of pulsating energy toward the various awaiting power conduits to fuel the cannons, which their friends can target to bring down the invading alien saucers.

The invasion is in full swing, and hundreds of guests each night are stepping up to take their turn defending the Castle and saving the planet.

All we can say is prepare for the unexpected…

As magicians, producers and imagineers we are always looking for new tools and devices to help realize new illusions, fantasies and dreams. Ultrahaptics is an exciting new tool in our arsenal. With its flexible haptic projection arrays, we can truly paint and animate the sensation of touch, much as we control and manipulate light and sound.

As a programmer, I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Ultrahaptics team.  They have been a valuable addition to our project and we are only just beginning to discover the exciting possibilities of this new sensory dimension.

– Harry Evry, Producer, Programmer and Technical Director – Alien Invasion at The Magic Castle and Head of Education – VR/AR Association

Trick or treat?

Guests are not allowed to take photographs or video whilst inside, so evidence of this alien invasion is rare. But we’ve managed to get a behind-the-scenes look inside of Magic Castle and we’re bringing you with us…

Magic Castle Halloween - see inside haptics video

NOT AT THE Magic Castle Halloween EVENT?

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