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Ultrahaptics Student Challenge | Eurohaptics 2018

Ultrahaptics are teaming up with Eurohaptics 2018 to offer your group the chance to win 1,000€ and an internship training program* at our Bristol HQ! We’re inviting students from all over the world to develop and demonstrate new applications of touch interfaces using our TOUCH Development Kit.

Eurohaptics 2018 is a major international conference on haptics and touch enabled computer applications. The conference in Pisa, Italy from 13th-16th June 2018, is the primary European meeting for researchers in this field.

Why not take a look at some of our recent blogs for inspiration?

Update: 4th December – submission deadline is now closed.

Eurohaptics 2018 Ultrahaptics Student Challenge

HOW TO PARTICIPATE | Eurohaptics 2018

Each team (2-4 members) must submit a 3-page proposal by November 30, 2017. Five proposals will be chosen after this date and notified.

Your document should contain:

  • Team members details (name, surname, degree)
  • Team contact email
  • Project Name
  • 30-word non-technical pitch
  • 150-word abstract
  • Project description with a roadmap and concept diagrams
  • All student applicants should also complete and submit the Participation Agreement
  • You can see an example submission template here
  • *Internship subject to proof of eligibility to work in the UK.

To apply, simply use the Apply Now button to the right, or send us an email by November 30, 2017 – you will receive an automated confirmation email. Please ensure you have read our participation guidelines before submitting your proposal.

THE CHALLENGE | Eurohaptics 2018

Each shortlisted team will be provided with one Ultrahaptics’ advanced hardware development platform and an API, to explore and develop new applications in the field of mid-air haptics, with a special interest in the areas of:

  • AR/VR
  • Entertainment
  • Communication
  • Healthcare
  • Security.

We’ve intentionally kept the list of application topics open, and are looking for exciting and innovative proposals that explore the uses of this new technology and propose novel mid-air haptic environments and applications.

Haptic interaction using the TOUCH Development Kit must be a significant part of the application. Applications should rely on the haptic feedback, rather than the haptic feedback being added afterward. Teams can use other modalities, like visual or audio feedback, along with the haptics.

Ultrahaptics TOUCH Development Kit FAQs.

What haptics technology in used VR

JUDGING CRITERIA | Eurohaptics 2018

Applications will be judged on the following three categories:

  • Haptics feedback quality, i.e., the effective use of haptics, and device capabilities. Does the application take maximal advantage of what the device can do, and gracefully accommodate its limits?
  • Creativity, engagement, and originality – How innovative, inspiring, original and engaging is the application and the team’s approach.
  • Delivery and presentation – The environment or application must convey the main idea in a clear and transparent manner, highlighting the technical advantages and difficulties of the challenge.


Please download the Eurohaptics 2018 and Ultrahaptics participation guidelines, which covers detailed information on the challenge, how to write a good submission, Ultrahaptics’ hardware, and selection process.

Good luck!

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