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Haptics and DOOH | Technology and trends report

UItrahaptics’ first whitepaper on digital out-of-home (DOOH) covers key market trends and the impact emerging haptic technologies will have on this dynamic and rapidly expanding market.   

Digital out-of-home installations are in the process of transitioning from static displays to rich, dynamic interactive experiences. Meanwhile, emerging haptic technologies now enable the incorporation of haptic feedback into experiences on larger or fixed screens.

ultrahaptics dooh whitepaper layout

How will key market trends intersect with haptic technology to create the next wave of DOOH across advertising, navigation, kiosks, location-based entertainment and enterprise? Download our whitepaper for in-depth analysis of:

  • DOOH market trends such as the rise of interactivity and consumer demands for social and personalised experiences
  • The role of haptic feedback in improving user experience in DOOH
  • The impact of haptics on key advertising metrics such as engagement, dwell time and recall
  • How haptic technology will change DOOH in four key verticals
  • Case studies from the automotive, kiosks and out-of-home advertising sectors

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