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The Possibilities are Endless


Driving just got a whole lot smarter

Feel in control. Gesture recognition for in-car controls free the user from reaching from the limitations of physical buttons or small touchscreen interface. Just as touchscreens have added haptic feedback to inform the user that they are engaged, the industry is moving to mid-air controls. Drivers need to know their gesture has been received, without taking their eyes off the road. Ultrahaptics adds touch to the mid-air. Safer, more responsive controls.


Creating homes of the future

Kitchen life can be messy. But it doesn’t have to be. Touchless controls let you control your oven at a wave of the hand, lower your stove top heat with a gesture, or control your fridge– all without touching. Hygienic interfaces allow controls that track your hand. But, without feedback, you’re waving blindly in mid air. Connect with your devices without touch but with the precision of feeling.

Computing & Gaming

Bringing Gaming to Life

Virtual reality, Augmented reality or Merged reality. Whatever you call it, to make it realistic you need to make it feel real. Billions have been spent on audio visual developments, but human nature tells us that the first thing a child does to explore something is to reach out and touch it. Whether in gaming, creating or learning, to experience a 3D world, we need a 3D sense of touch.


At the forefront of the latest technology

The connected home needs a connected interface. Control your music, thermostat, television and lighting, all with the wave of a hand, or with the precision of a finger-tip, in mid-air. No need to physically engage with your controls. No need to smear your fingers on a screen. No need to find the remote.

Unlimited Solutions

What can you make?

The Ultrahaptics Evaluation Program is the first opportunity to get hands on with our mid-air tactile feedback technology. Members of the program will have everything they need to evaluate, experiment and develop concept products featuring mid-air tactile feedback.

We are rolling out the Ultrahaptics Evaluation Program carefully to ensure that partners receive the support they need once on-board.

An image of the product

This is just the beginning,
what can you create?

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