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Working With Ultrahaptics

Whether you are looking for a plug-and-play kit to enable you to experiment with mid-air haptics, or in-depth support to develop an immersive application with haptic feedback, Ultrahaptics is there to support you from bright idea to commercial success.


Begin building amazing experiences quickly and easily with our mid-air haptic development kits. These plug-and-play kits contain everything you need to start developing innovative applications that harness the power of haptics.

TOUCH Development Kit

An entry-level kit enabling customers to rapidly test and experiment with mid-air haptics for straightforward HMI/UI applications such as notifications, confirmations and alerts.

STRATOS Explore Development Kit

The high-end development kit for advanced haptics applications and use cases that require the creation of complex interfaces, 3D shapes and immersive effects.


Tailored to your specific needs, our programs include all the hardware, software tools, documentation, training, demos and case studies you need to create impactful concepts and prototypes with mid-air haptics.

Evaluation Program

The customer program to support initial concept and prototype development for the purposes of internal testing and validation.

Acceleration Program

Our comprehensive customer program, for products and applications where time-to-market and market validation matters. Includes additional hardware, software and services, and a limited public demonstration license.

Agency Program

A bespoke customer program for creative agencies and consultancies who are creating and building next-generation products, services and experiences, typically incorporating gesture recognition, AR or VR.

Academic Program

Program aimed at facilitating academic research and providing universities with the technology enabling them to explore innovative solutions in haptics, HMI and user experience.

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