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Academic Program

Born out of a research project at Bristol University, at Ultrahaptics we are passionate about collaborating with the academic and scientific communities.  We’ve found it incredibly rewarding to see the sheer range and breadth of applications that the creative minds of these communities have used haptics for, from evaluating multisensory experiences, to levitating tractor beams, to a deeper connection with the world around us.

Our ambition with our academic program is to provide universities around the world with the technology that they need to do groundbreaking research into haptics, HMI and user experience, and become part of a vibrant, global community of haptics experts. Our academic program enables members to quickly develop haptic sensations and innovative prototypes. By including all the initial hardware and software to get developing and experimenting with the world of mid-air haptics, Ultrahaptics can get your program up and running quickly and let you concentrate on what you can do with mid-air haptics.

Find out more about some of our projects in our Partners and Stories articles.

  • Kit

    All our kit comes with full documentation and the appropriate licence to support your R&D activities
  • Support

    By joining the Academic Program we will work with you to identify the right HW platform
  • Community

    Join a growing and multi-disciplinary community of researchers working on all sorts of cool projects

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