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STRATOS Explore Development Kit

Develop advanced and immersive mid-air haptics applications
STRATOS Explore Development Kit Buy Now

Advanced development kit

STRATOS Explore is a high-end development kit for advanced mid-air haptics applications and use cases. This development kit is the first product to use Ultrahaptics’ advanced STRATOS hardware platform. The platform’s enhanced performance, fully embedded architecture and potential for larger interaction zones dramatically widen the range of possible applications.

Ultrahaptics’ patented algorithms control ultrasound waves to create haptic sensations in mid-air – shapes and objects that cannot be seen, but can be felt. No controllers or wearables are needed: the “virtual touch” technology uses ultrasonic transducers to project sensations directly onto the user’s hands.

STRATOS is a flexible platform designed to accommodate larger array sizes, future developments such as rich haptic textures and individual finger targeting, next generation transducers and drivers, operating systems and tracking cameras.


  • Automotive: Mid-air control of infotainment systems and dashboard functions
  • Location-based entertainment: Entirely new, magical visitor experiences and improved operational efficiency
  • Digital signage: A new way for brands to connect with customers and increase engagement, dwell time and recall
  • AR/VR: Immersive experiences and intuitive interaction with virtual objects
  • Computing: An extra dimension to 3D imaging and interaction with virtual objects
  • Gaming: Augmentation of gesture-controlled gaming
  • Smart home: Invisible, touchless and responsive controls that come to you when you need them
  • Kiosks, ATMs and interactive information screens: Ultra-clean, low-maintenance and more secure public interfaces
  • Industrial and medical: Touchless HMI to improve health and safety

Where to buy

The STRATOS Explore Development Kit is available to buy from the following distributors:

  • Enhanced Ultrasound Technology

    Time Point Streaming enables faster update rates and higher number of focal points.
  • Production-ready System Integration

    Fully embedded FPGA solver reduces the load on end-customers’ processors.
  • Reduced Host CPU Load

    All solving for haptic output is performed on the STRATOS FPGA.

    The STRATOS Explore Development
    Kit includes:

  • Hardware

    • 16x16 transducer array and control board (ARM® and FPGA architecture)
    • 5 frame mounted cover materials (2 metal, 3 acoustic fabric)
    • Leap Motion® camera module for hand tracking and gesture recognition
  • Software, Tools and Support

    • Software Development Kit (C#, C++ API and Unity®) with high performance Time Point Streaming
    • Support for Windows, OSX and Linux based platforms
    • Sensation Editor tool: rapidly evaluate and experiment with mid-air haptics sensations
    • Demo suite with impactful use cases to help get you started quickly
    • Online support at
  • Download Product Brief

Which product or program is right for you?

To prototype faster and reduce time-to-market, join one of our customer support programs. These include all the hardware, software tools, documentation, training, demos and case studies you need to create impactful concepts and prototypes with mid-air haptics.

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TOUCH Dev Kit STRATOS Explore Dev Kit Evaluation Program Acceleration Program
Hardware TOUCH Dev Kit STRATOS Explore Dev Kit 1 x STRATOS Explore Dev Kit 2 x STRATOS Explore Dev Kits
Array Size 192 (14x14) 256 (16x16) 256 (16x16) 256 (16x16)
Amplitude Modulation Time Point Streaming* and Amplitude Modulation Time Point Streaming* and Amplitude Modulation Time Point Streaming* and Amplitude Modulation
Maximum control points 4 8 8 8
Haptic update rate Up to 400 Hz 40 kHz 40 kHz 40 kHz
Maximum range 50 cm 70 cm 70 cm 70 cm
Example Applications Gesture based HMI/UI VR/AR (3D shapes, textures), gesture based HMI/UI VR/AR (3D shapes, textures), gesture based HMI/UI VR/AR (3D shapes, textures), gesture based HMI/UI
Support Online Online Priority email support, and online Priority email support, and online
Training - - 1 day onsite tailored training 3 days onsite tailored training
Cover materials Available to purchase Included Included Included
Software SDK, Sensation Editor and Demo Suite SDK, Sensation Editor and Demo Suite SDK, Sensation Editor and Demo Suite SDK, Sensation Editor and Demo Suite
Design documentation - - Full Access Full Access
Demo library - - Limited Access Full Access
Public demo licence - - - 6 months / 1 event
Where to buy? Distributors Distributors Ultrahaptics Ultrahaptics

* Time Point Streaming allows for rapid update signals to be sent to the transducer array for the creation of ultrasonic haptic sensations. It unlocks the capability of using both amplitude modulation and spatio-temporal modulation techniques for the haptic rendering of 3D objects and surfaces.

Evaluation Program

The customer program to support initial concept and prototype development for the purposes of internal testing and validation.

Learn More

Acceleration Program

Our comprehensive customer program, for products and applications where time-to-market and market validation matters. Includes additional hardware, software and services, and a limited public demonstration license.

Learn More

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