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TOUCH Development Kit

First-generation mid-air haptics
TOUCH Development Kit now available Buy Now

Simple haptic sensations for straightforward UI applications

TOUCH is a first-generation development kit suitable for developing simple haptic sensations.

You can access the full range of Ultrahaptics’ expertise in haptic development by joining our Acceleration, Evaluation or Agency Programs. These include hardware, software and in-depth support tailored to your business needs. They are designed to accelerate prototyping and reduce time to market.

  • Simple sensations such as buttons, sliders and alerts

  • Basic demos included

  • Quick and easy to set up and use

Where to buy

The TOUCH Development Kit is available from:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 685368

    The TOUCH Development Kit includes:

  • Hardware

    • 192-transducer array and control board (ARM® and FPGA architecture)
    • Leap Motion® camera module for hand tracking and gesture recognition
  • Optional Accessories:

    • 24 x 8 rectangular transducer array – replace the 14 x 14 board provided as standard for alternative form factor requirements
    • Cover material kit – a range of different materials providing different acoustic, physical and visual characteristics
  • Software, Tools and Support

    • Software Development Kit (C#, C++ API and Unity®)
    • Support for Windows, OSX and Linux based platforms
    • Sensation Editor tool: rapidly evaluate and experiment with mid-air haptics sensations
    • Demo suite with impactful use cases to help get you started quickly
    • Online support at
  • Download Product Brief

What product is right for you?

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Stratos™ Inspire haptic module STRATOS™ Explore Development Kit TOUCH Development Kit
Category Evaluation kits Development kits Development kits
Product Dimensions 188mm L x 430mm W x 54mm H 242mm L x 207mm W x 34mm H 222mm L x 185mm W x 34mm H

(160mm L x 288mm W x 34mm H available as optional accessory)
Array Size 256 transducers 256 transducers 192 transducers
Maximum number of haptic pressure points 8 8 4
update rate 40 kHz 40 kHz 400 Hz
Maximum range 70 cm approx. 70 cm approx. 50 cm approx.
Frame-mounted cover materials Splashproof, IPX4 cover integrated with enclosure 5 examples included (2 metal, 3 acoustic fabric)

(available to purchase)
Certified for public use (CE, FCC, NRTL,PSE)
Haptic effects
Discrete points
Continuous Lines and curves
Complex Effects
Location-based entertainment

(development and
public evaluation)

(development only)
Digital signage

(development and
public evaluation)

(development only)

(development and
public evaluation)

(development only)
Smart Home
Industrial and medical

All Ultrahaptics products include a hand tracking Leap Motion® camera module for evaluation purposes, software (SDK, Sensation Editor and Demo Suite) and online support at Ultrahaptics Developer site.

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